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Life Sciences

McCarter & English brings decades of experience in the pharmaceutical, medical device, biotechnology, and Health Care fields to both established and start-up life sciences ventures. 

The McCarter & English knowledge base in these industries has earned our firm "a seat at the table" when these companies make far-reaching decisions ranging from structuring clinical trials and raising venture capital, to pursuing in-depth research into ground-breaking medicines and devices, to protecting the valuable Intellectual Property that feeds the long-term success of these enterprises.  This close link between company and legal team allows McCarter & English's Life Sciences practitioners to solve new and compelling issues arising from Life Sciences ventures and to pave the way for risk avoidance and financial success.

We serve Life Sciences companies in nearly every aspect of their businesses and operations, ensuring future growth and increasing market share by --

  • Assessing legal risks during the product development stage
  • Assisting in obtaining governmental clearances
  • Facilitating funding efforts through venture capital sources
  • Navigating through increasingly complex privacy laws and regulations, particularly in the health care field 
  • Guarding intellectual property through strategic counseling and, if necessary, in patent infringement, trademark infringement and false advertising litigation. 

McCarter & English also builds on its high technology and information systems experience within Life Sciences as these disciplines converge at the frontier of research and development.  In addition, we prosecute and defend commercial, products liability, and tort litigation matters, relying on decades of experience in actual trials nationwide.

Our range of engagements for Life Sciences companies and healthcare groups includes representing them in sophisticated financing transactions, such as public offerings, venture capital investments and private placement of securities, protecting brands that represent billions of dollars in development and marketing, assessing product risk during the clinical trial phase of the drug approval process, managing environmental, real estate, employment and tax issues, and serving as lead, national or principal counsel in class action pharmaceutical and medical device mass liability cases involving some of the most well-known drugs and devices in the world.