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  • McCarter Celebrates

    April 2 is National Equal Pay Day, a day that symbolizes how far into the year women would have to work, in addition to working last year, to earn what men earned in the previous year. Based on the median earnings of all full-time, year-round workers in 2016, women now make 80.5 cents for every dollar men make, an increase from 79.6 cents the previous year. The wage gaps continue to be greater for women of color, with African American women earning just 63 cents and Hispanic women earning just 54 cents for every dollar earned by white, non-Hispanic men. National Equal Pay Day is a reminder that despite some progress, the wage gap persists, and women have ways to go when it comes to economic equality.

Nurturing Our Communities

The firm's commitment to diversity began with its commitment to the City of Newark, New Jersey's largest municipality. Although at one time Newark was the hub of New Jersey's legal community, by the early 1980s nearly all large law firms had left for the suburbs. The firm is proud of its historic ties and commitment to Newark (which has been recognized by the Governor of New Jersey and the Mayor of Newark), its home office, and believes that we provide real-world, meaningful employment opportunities to traditionally disadvantaged citizens in our home and regional offices.

The firm is involved in numerous legal, professional, and community-based organizations that are designed to promote diversity and inclusion. McCarter & English provides membership, sponsorship, and support for African American, Hispanic, Asian, and LGBTI organizations. Many of our diverse attorneys have risen to leadership positions and serve on the governing boards of these organizations. Some of the many organizations that McCarter & English has supported/continues to support include:

• National Association of Women Lawyers 
• Minority Corporate Counsel Association
• Tri-State Council on Diversity
• George W. Crawford Black Bar Association
• National Hispanic Bar Association
• North American South Asian Bar Association
• National Association of Asian-Pacific American Bar Association
• Association of Latino Professionals in Finance and Accounting
• Lambda Legal
• Human Rights Campaign
• Garden State Bar Association
• Garden State Equality
• The Boston Lawyers Group

The firm also works to foster an interest in the law at the high school and middle school levels. For example, each summer, McCarter & English employs economically disadvantaged high school interns from the New Jersey Law & Education Empowerment Project (NJLEEP), Christ the King School, as well as the Hartford Boy's & Girl's Club. In addition, for the past three years, the Women's Initiative has worked with the Citizen School Project to mentor inner-city middle school students and assist them in preparing for a mock trial competition.