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Our Work

Community Reintegration                 
We help people with a criminal record get a second chance.  Our attorneys provide services to people applying for an expungement – which is critical to finding stable employment and housing.  

Civil Rights & Civil Liberties            
We co-counseled with ACLU-NJ to bring a free speech challenge to anti-panhandling laws on behalf of a homeless, wheelchair-bound man who had been repeatedly cited and arrested for asking for money using  a sign that read “Broke – Please Help – Thank you – God bless you.”  We obtained preliminary injunctive relief and ultimately negotiated a settlement to permanently preclude further enforcement of the laws and to require a donation to a local shelter. 

Relief For Survivors Of Trafficking              
We brought the first case for a survivor of human trafficking petition for vacatur of their New Jersey criminal records under a new law allowing that relief for crimes committed while under the control of the trafficker.  We’re proud to have co-counseled with our partner organization, Volunteer Lawyers for Justice, on that case and the cases that have followed.

We represent adults and children who have fled horrific conditions, including torture, abuse, and imprisonment in their countries of origin to seek refuge in the United States.  Our docket includes asylum cases for adults and children, Special Immigrant Juvenile cases for children, and federal appellate litigation.   We also provide legal services to refugees seeking family reunification and permanence.  And we periodically host clinics for lawful permanent residents seeking to become United States citizens.

Domestic Violence Restraining Orders                     
We work closely with victims and survivors of domestic violence to help them secure restraining orders against the intimate partner who abused them. 

Veterans’ Affairs                   
We’re honored to serve veterans who need assistance to obtain the full benefits they’ve earned through their service to this country.  And we’re proud to represent veterans seeking assistance with civil legal issues from eviction to drivers’ license restoration. 

Service To Nonprofits                        
We assist nonprofits with a range of legal needs, from trademark and copyright matters, to employment counseling, to corporate issues, and beyond.