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Media item displaying Summary of Agency Class Deviations Implementing Federal Contractor Vaccine Mandate
Media item displaying This Will Only Hurt a Bit: The GSA Mandates COVID-19 Vaccines in Nearly All Existing Contract Types
Media item displaying The GAO Sustains Protest Based on Awardee’s Organizational Conflicts of Interest—An Important Lesson for All Contractors
Media item displaying Bueller … Bueller …Bueller: The FAR Council’s Day(s) Off Come to an End with the Long Awaited Implementation of the SBA’s 2016 Revisions to the Limitations on Subcontracting Rule – The Government Contractor
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Media item displaying Summer In Bruges: The Procurement Collusion Strike Force Turns its Eye Overseas
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Media item displaying DOD Issues Final Rule Codifying The NISPOM
Media item displaying The Beginning of the Biden Administration – What Federal Contractors Need to Know
Media item displaying Excellent News for Protesters: GAO’s FY 2020 Bid Protest Report Reveals Record High Effectiveness Rate
Media item displaying Dear Magic 8-Ball—Should I Protest? Critical Protest Implications Following the Federal Circuit’s Expansion of Blue & Gold’s Waiver Rule in Inserso
Media item displaying Clarity, Sweet Clarity—Proposed Rule Will Revise the FAR Definition of “Commercial Item”
Media item displaying The FAR Council’s Second Interim Rule Implementing NDAA Section 889(a)(1)(B): And the Hits Keep Coming!
Media item displaying DoD and GSA Release Guidance on Implementation of Section 889 Part B
Media item displaying Basics of Government Contracting Virtual – July 2020
Media item displaying Risks, Reefs, and Wrecks: Charting a Course Through the Perils of Covered Telecommunications Equipment and Services
Media item displaying Alphabet Soup You Can Use: GSA Extends TAA & BAA PPE Waiver for COVID-19
Media item displaying Gambling on Compliance? DOJ Updates the House Rules on Corporate Compliance Program Expectations
Media item displaying DoD Issues Draft Guidance for Contractor Reimbursement Under Section 3610 of the CARES Act
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Media item displaying The Evolution of Contract Financing: Resurrecting Performance-Based Payments Under Fixed-Price Contracts
Media item displaying No, No, THANK YOU. … GSA’s Class Deviation Provides Contractors With Welcome Guidance on the Implementation of CARES Act Section 3610
Media item displaying Basics of Government Contracting
Media item displaying Unpacking FEMA’s Efforts To Secure Needed Medical Supplies
Media item displaying FEMA Opens a Door and Closes a Window: A Primer on FEMA’s Broad Efforts to Obtain and Retain Medical Supplies to Combat COVID-19
Media item displaying Commerciality in the Time of Coronavirus—DCMA Issues New Class Commercial Item Determination and Guidance
Media item displaying Massachusetts Order Requires All Non-essential Businesses to Close Workplaces
Media item displaying Delaware Modifies Declaration to Specify “Essential” and Non-Essential” Businesses and Mandates Citizens Stay-At-Home
Media item displaying Be Sure to Drink Your Ovaltine—the DOD Cybersecurity Decoder Pin for Federal Encryption Standards
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