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Women's Initiative

McCarter is dedicated to the advancement of women as leaders in the legal profession and committed to providing our clients with exceptional service from only the highest quality legal talent—two ideals at McCarter that are one and the same.

Who we are:

The Women’s Initiative Steering Committee is responsible for advancing our mission and ensuring that the Women’s Initiative continues to grow in its influence in the legal community.

Our Mission:

Women have made great strides in the legal profession and at McCarter & English — but much work remains. Dedication and hard work are essential, but success also requires working together and building relationships. By mentoring young lawyers, working collegially among our peers, providing outstanding service to our clients, and serving the communities in which we work and live, there is no limit to what we can accomplish both professionally and personally. McCarter & English’s Women’s Initiative: Building Positive Relationships.

What we do:

  • Publication of a quarterly newsletter — Women in the kNOW.
  • Provide networking and CLE opportunities for our clients and colleagues at events hosted by each of our regional offices .
  • Maintain active participation and leadership roles in women-centric and professional legal organizations.
  • Support the professional development and advancement of our women attorneys through networking and business development training.

Proud of Our Past — Committed to the Future

At McCarter & English, LLP we are proud of the Firm’s long history of supporting women’s equal rights under the law and in the legal profession dating back as early as our successful representation of Annie Oakley at the turn of the last century. We acknowledge the contributions that the women of McCarter — both past and present — have made to the growth and success of our Firm. From the hiring of Rosalie B. Cooper (who later became a Superior Court Judge) as the first female associate in 1953 to the elevation of Mary L. Cooper (who later became a U.S. District Court Judge) as the Firm’s first female partner in 1980 to the appointment of Lois Van Deusen as the Firm’s first full-time managing partner in 2002, we have been firmly committed to the advancement of women at the Firm and in the legal profession. McCarter has long understood that greater representation of women in the Firm as well as in its leadership is essential not only for equality, but also to enable us to provide innovative solutions for our diverse clients. McCarter first made strides in providing our women attorneys with role models, mentors, and access to other women professionals at a time when few women could be found in the courtroom or around the conference table. Today, the Women’s Initiative continues that tradition with a focus on building positive relationships: relationships with each other, with our peers, with our clients, and with the communities in which we live and work. Although more women are attaining the rank of partner, general counsel, and judge than ever before, McCarter is committed to making even greater efforts toward retaining and advancing women in law — not only for the benefit of our Firm but for the benefit of all.