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  •  “They are highly intelligent, creative, energized and incredibly responsive. Superb value for money, impressively responsive and able to devote a high quality of service to all of our concerns. They offer solid experience across a multitude of concerns.” 
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    “They're good lawyers. They've got a critical mass of people and are influential within Boston.”
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    “They are pragmatic, well versed in the relevant law and diligent in pursuing my company's interests.”
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Intellectual Property/Information Technology

Proliferation of technology and global communication channels has made the protection of patents, trademarks, copyrights and trade secrets far more challenging. Increasingly faced with infringement and false advertising by competitors, businesses have turned to the courts to protect their valuable brands and strategic assets.

As technology continues to broaden copyright law, the firm assists clients in identifying and preserving the next generation of copyrightable materials. The firm's lawyers help manage and prepare IP applications and portfolios, build and preserve corporate brands, protect software patents and trade secrets and establish both offensive and defensive strategies.

Our attorneys handle legal issues arising from online commerce, licensing and international trade agreements. We protect brands and intellectual property created during company mergers and handle traditional copyright matters such as protecting clients against the unauthorized replication of familiar products. We are also known for work in the development and application of public key infrastructure (PKI) technologies, which facilitate secure online transactions.


Patent protection can often serve as the foundation of a business — or its undoing. The firm's Patent Team counsels clients in identifying opportunities to add to their intellectual property portfolio through active participation in their creative processes. Our patent lawyers also assist clients in addressing third party patent issues that may pose an obstacle to commercialization activities, through clearance studies and associated counseling and opinion work.

The firm's patent lawyers sit on the patent committees of many clients and serve as advisors to educational institutions and technology transfer specialists. The Team has the technical expertise and experience to assist clients in any industry or technology. The firm currently represents clients on patent matters in many fields, including life sciences, computer and Internet technologies, electronic and electro-mechanical fields, fluidics, combustion engines, medical devices, materials handling systems, pneumatic and hydraulic systems and chemical and chemical processing technologies (including organic and inorganic, biochemical and pharmaceutical technologies). Our lawyers apply their experience in domestic and international fields and engage in worldwide patent prosecution and protection.

The firm's litigation experience extends to patent infringement litigation, both offensive and defensive. Our IP litigators have extensive courtroom experience distilling complex technologies to easily understood concepts that maximize the likelihood of success.


Trademarks are the key to strategic market positioning, brand identity and brand protection. Our Trademark Team clears trademarks domestically and abroad, registers those marks, maintains them, and advises clients on their continued protection. Through available market intelligence services, the firm joins its clients in policing their marks and market identities and prosecutes infringements and counterfeits that seek to "free-ride" on our clients' products and good will.

The firm's trademark litigators have protected or defended cases involving world-famous brands and successfully resolve disputes through alternative dispute resolution techniques that reduce costs while achieving significant business goals. Recent examples include recent successes in stopping the use of infringing marks on a competitor's clothing and domain name and recoveries through anticybersquatting litigation.


New technology continues to stretch the limits of traditional copyright law. Our Copyright Team protects new forms of copyrightable subject matter (such as intangible data and data schemas and other information technology assets) through counseling, licensing and litigation. This new-age copyright practice joins the firm's existing concentration in traditional copyright issues, including the protection of famous and market-leading consumer products against knock-offs.

Trade Secrets

Industrial espionage is no longer a difficult or particularly covert process.  Advances in computer networking technology and tools, information sharing and increased employee mobility have combined to increase the risk of information theft.  The firm actively prosecutes trade secrets theft, defends against claims of misappropriation, and protects its clients through offensive and defensive strategies that maximize intellectual capital and minimize leaks of valuable information.

Joint Ventures, Strategic Alliances, Licensing

As product development and manufacturing costs in the pharmaceutical, medical device and technology industries increase often requiring substantial start-up capitalization and R&D investment, building successful joint ventures and strategic alliances can help recoup these expenses. But just as these sales and distribution partnerships represent opportunities to increase sales and expand market share, they can also be a source of hidden pitfalls. Our lawyers are experienced in creating and facilitating licensing, strategic alliance and joint venture transactions, and litigating the intellectual property and other issues arising upon the untimely termination of those relationships. The firm's corporate and intellectual property lawyers frequently join forces in a team effort not only driving the economics of the transaction, but also protecting the intellectual property that these alliances create and exploit.

Information Technology

Information Technology Law has expanded along with advances in computers, networking and data technology, and has grown exponentially with the advent of the Internet. Long active in computer system acquisition, hardware purchase, and software licensing, our Information Technology Team now actively participates in Internet, e-commerce and networking issues.

The firm's information technology lawyers have counseled clients in establishing business on the Internet and have litigated Internet-related piracy, infringement and misappropriation claims. They have applied their knowledge of information security legal issues -- privacy, encryption, digital signatures and secure time-date stamping -- to enhance the protection and reliability of their clients' cyberspace applications. Our lawyers are thoroughly grounded in the technology, allowing immediate collaboration without costly and time-consuming basic education.

Intellectual Property Liability Coverage Disputes

The firm's Insurance Coverage Team represents clients in their disputes with property and casualty companies over high-stakes claims relating to all the following types of coverage:

  • Intellectual property
  • Mass Tort
  • Environmental
  • Business interruption
  • Construction and construction defect
  • Directors and Officers/Corporate governance
  • Employment
  • Reinsurance, captive insurance and financial products

Working closely with risk managers, in-house counsel and business unit heads, the firm has recovered insurance proceeds in the billions of dollars for high-profile clients that include Fortune 500 and top financial services firms. The Team serves as lead counsel in litigation in multiple states, London and Bermuda, backed by resources sufficient to litigate cases involving dozens of parties.

The Insurance Coverage Team's reputation is based, both on its negotiation skills and its commitment to trying cases vigorously and successfully. At the same time, the Team maintains cooperative, businesslike relationships with insurers and their counsel, facilitating appropriate settlements and preserving long-term relationships. The group also advises on potential liability exposure and helps evaluate the adequacy of insurance before coverage issues arise.

The Intellectual Property Team works closely with the Insurance Coverage Team on issues such as:

  • Advertising Injury
  • Copyright Infringement
  • Trademark Infringement
  • Patent Infringement
  • Trade Dress (Packaging) Infringement
  • Trade Libel
  • Defamation
  • Misappropriation of Trade Secrets and Confidential Information
  • Emerging issues of information security liability