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Mid-Cap Companies

Although mega-deals and billion-dollar mergers preempt the attentions of many corporate finance practices, McCarter & English has historically concentrated on another sector of the economy that continues to do robust business – mid-cap companies. These companies range from innovative technology firms and manufacturers investing in growth through acquisitions to mid-sized banks that are consolidating to achieve greater efficiencies and increase profitability .

McCarter & English is both committed and focused on these mid-cap deals based on our extensive experience. We understand that the business consequences of mid-cap deals are every bit as significant as the much larger deals that crowd the headlines. To both management and shareholders involved in a mid-cap deal, we know it’s both business and personal. So it’s no surprise that among New Jersey law firms, McCarter & English scored the most notable mid-cap corporate transaction in the state in 2003 – handling the consolidation of United National Bancorp and PNC Financial Services Group. Since 2002, we’ve handled dozens of mid-cap deals for companies and financial institutions throughout the Northeast Corridor, as well as elsewhere in the United States and overseas. We also manage tax, real estate, employment and environmental matters for a wide variety of mid-cap firms from coast to coast.