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  • McCarter Celebrates

    Women’s History Month

    March is Women’s History Month! The theme for 2019 is “Visionary Women: Champions of Peace & Nonviolence” to honor women who have led efforts to end war, violence and injustice and pioneered the use of non-violence to change society. We also remember McCarter trailblazers, including Rosalie B. Cooper (first female associate in 1953); Mary L. Cooper (first female partner in 1980; and Lois Van Deusen (first women elected to our executive committee in 1992 and managing partner in 2002). We honor their legacies by working to make McCarter a fairer, more inclusive and more progressive place to work.

    Irish American Heritage Month

    March is also Irish American Heritage Month. Despite prevalent discrimination and negative stereotypes of Irish immigrants, they assimilated and made significant impact on American culture.  For example, Irish American civil rights lawyer George Barrett was an apologetic fighter for equal rights who handled a case that ultimately desegregated Tennessee’s public colleges and universities. They took jobs as laborers; built railroads, canals and schools; and committed themselves to creating a brighter future for their families and the country. We salute the past and present contributions of Irish Americans.


    Tri-State Diversity Council

Diversity & Inclusion

Our Commitment

Our goal is to walk the walk. Like our clients, our attorneys come from a wide range of industries, geographies, and cultures. Our Executive Committee and Diversity & Inclusion Committee have partnered to advance initiatives that focus on recruitment, professional development, attorney retention and advancement, and cross-cultural awareness. Our commitment to diversity and inclusion is evidenced in the quality of work that we provide to our clients, the level of commitment that we show to our communities, and the culture of inclusion that we foster in each of our offices. We are proud of our history of equality and deeply committed to continuing to build upon our successes.

Diversity & Inclusion Committee

The firm has a proactive Diversity & Inclusion Committee consisting of partners and administrative staff from the various regional offices. It is charged with educating members of the firm on diversity issues, supporting and promoting diverse candidates, and sponsoring/representing the firm at various diversity-related events. The committee holds regular meetings to address relevant topics, including ways for the firm and its various practice groups to enhance and improve the retention, promotion, and professional growth of diverse attorneys.  


Onome N. Adejemilua

Guillermo C. Artiles

Richard A. Beran

Joseph T. Boccassini

Marcie B. Clarke

James J. Freebery

Maneesh Gulati

Richard Hernandez

Christine A. Lydon

Catherine A. Mohan

Michelle Movahed

Moy N. Ogilvie

Natalie S. Watson

Simone Wilson-Brito

Makenzie Windfelder